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Termites and Dry Rot Irvine with Blue Knight Termite Control and Construction

It is our approach to combine our Termite Control Efforts with both Wood Repairs and Termite Fumigation:

1) Replace only the termites damaged wood that is necessary, wood that is structurally too far gone to support what it is designed for, or wood that can’t be patched and painted.

2) Kill the Termites that might remain! After the bad wood is replaced but some tunnels remain, further damage will be halted and your house will have a clean bill of health.

This approach of Termite Control actually saves you money and is less invasive to your house that attempting to replace every board that has a few tunnels. Can you imagine what it would cost even if it were possible to go through the house and replace rafters, wall studs and the like, with termite infestations?

To Summarize: 1) Replace only the structurally bad wood. 2) Treat or fumigate remaining wood/or whole house.

Spot treating doesn’t work well for wood that is hidden from view. It’s effectiveness is marginal at best on the wood that is visible and out in the open. As an expert in this field and also a consumer, and I choose to fumigate my house at least every 10 years.

As part of our Termite Control services, we refer you to the same fumigation company that we use as a consumer. We can help you through this process, 3-days and your done.

Termite Control Irvine

We only use Vikane® gas for our fumigations. Vikane gas fumigant completely dissipates from a structure following fumigation, leaving no surface residue, odor, or film behind. This means you will not have to wash dishes, linens, clothing, or furnishings after fumigation.

• Drywood termites, are busy 24/7 literally destroying in our California homes from the inside out. Vikane® fumigant eliminates 100% of these wood-destroying Termites in one treatment. It’s an essential product for protecting homes and other structures from drywood termites.

• Spot treatments are not effective on wood that is accessible and in plain sight let alone wood which is hidden in walls and attics. The word “impossible” sums it up for me.

• Only whole-home treatments, such as fumigation, offer property owners peace of mind that all 100% of the drywood termites have been eliminated.

California Structural Termite Control Board regulations require any inspection report recommending spot treatment must contain the following statement: “Local spot treatment is not intended to be an entire structure treatment method. If infestations of wood-destroying Termites extend or exist beyond the area(s) of local treatment, they may not be exterminated.”

• Before lenders will approve a loan, it is typical for them to require homes infested with drywood termites to undergo fumigation not spot treatment. • Sulfuryl fluoride is the active ingredient in Vikane, has been tested and proven effective throughout more than 50 years of use in over 3 million structures.

• In addition to eliminating 100% of drywood termites, Vikane also works throughout an entire treated structure to provide reliable control of bed bugs in all life stages, including eggs. There are no reports of bed bug resistance to Vikane, though the Termites have, in some cases, developed resistance to other treatments. And considering Vikane does not leave behind surface residues or odor, it can effectively eliminate bed bugs infesting mattresses, linens, clothing, sensitive fabrics, electronics and other household contents. Such items cannot be treated with many insecticides that leave behind a residue and may be damaged by other types of treatment.