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Dry Rot Repair Contractors in Irvine with Blue Knight


Termite Prevention Patio covers.

To prevent Dry Rot from invading your house, a good repair strategy is nessessary in order to eliminate the environments that it.

Termites are attracted to weak or damaged wood. Constant or prolonged periods of dampness is the enemy of wood on exterior structures. If rain is allowed to permeate through the wood and keep it perpetually wet, it will weaken and cause Dry Rot. Termites are attracted to weak and Rotted Wood.

Sub-standard Exterior Carpentry methods are the main cause of premature Dry Rot and Termite damage throughout Irvine. If caught in time, we can replace the superficial bad wood and also correct the mistakes that were made during the original build, thus greatly reducing future wood maintenance and Termite infestations.

Wood Patio Posts should always be raised at least 1" off concrete surfaces. They should not be anywhere near landscape sprinklers or have contact with dirt.

The tops of horizontal wood surfaces get less maintenance because they can't be seen easily. Horizontal beams such as Patio Cover Joists and Ledgers can be shielded with metal edging and coping.

Dry Rot Repair Irvine


Termite Prevention Metal Edging.

Fascia/Roof Junction:

Rain water and year-round morning dew, drip off of the roof tiles and onto the fascia and wood sheathing causing Dry Rot and attracting the Termites.

Gutters hide these areas from view and thus are neglected when painting the house. If you really want to protect these areas, you must incorporate removing the gutters prior to painting.

Metal edging can also be installed at the roof fascia junction so rain will run off of this very exposed wood edge. Roof Repairs can be made to eliminate water intrusion that you don't see.