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Dry Rot Repair Contractors in Irvine with Blue Knight

Dry Rot Repair Irvine

Dry Rot/Termite, Fascia Board, Patio Cover Repair in Irvine

Dry Rot/Termite, Fascia Board, Patio Cover Repair in Irvine

Dry Rot/Termite, Fascia Board, Patio Cover Repair in Irvine

Dry Rot/Termite, Fascia Board, Patio Cover Repair in Irvine

Dry Rot Repair in Irvine

The need for wood repairs on our Irvine homes is ongoing and expensive, but it doesn't have to be that way. Our wood repair service is designed around the idea of reducing maintenance, not accepting the wood repair industry norm of a perpetual income source.

We approach wood repair pushing the envelope with our exclusive rain and weather resistant techniques. We have a 39 year background as one of the most innovative Roofing and General Contractor's in the Country between 1980 to present day.

With the correct primer, paint, caulking and custom metal edging in the right places, and our techniques, our wood repairs are made to last. Most of our wood repair methods are not disclosed here so our competitors do not learn them.

Types of wood repair we do:

Fascia board repair and replacement:
Fascia boards, most people know attached to the bottom of the eves and rafter ends. These wood components are also attached to the roof sheeting which is attached to the roof tiles. Special care must be taken to the metal edging is these areas. Fascia board can often be attached on high and precarious places of the house, making it dangerous to work on. It's important here to make sure the contractor has his Workers Comp in place.

Starter board or shiplap:
The wood sheathing boards covering the eve that the roof is nailed to. These are especially tricky because the roof has to be removed and replaced in the wood damaged areas. Believe me, it's not sales rhetoric when I advise homeowners to hire a good roofing contractor for this. Even roofers generally do a poor job when it comes to replacing eve roof tiles with proper fastening and weatherproofing techniques. It's almost unheard of to witness carpenters do a proper job on eve roofing.

Patio Covers:
Patio Covers are exposed to the weather and have mostly horizontal wood components, thus they are extremely susceptible to Dry Rot/Termite, Termite Damage and the need for constant wood repair. If the structure is crafted by contractors other than us, regular wood repairs should be made generally after 5 to 15 years. At 15 to 20 years, generally wood repairs can be major, and it may turn out that a complete replacement becomes necessary. We however craft Patio covers to last much longer with our exclusive and innovative weatherproofing techniques.

Window Boxes and Decks:
Window boxes and Decks, like patio covers are exposed to the weather and have mostly horizontal components. The support wood or joists under the table or deck, are hidden from sight and therefore neglected. During our wood repair process, we custom fabricate metal joist shields, eliminating future maintenance.

Wood Window Frames:
Wood windows are beautiful but require maintenance often. Again, the right primer, paint, caulking materials and techniques can go a long way towards reducing perpetual wood repairs.

Here's a little known fact about siding. It usually fails and then spreads at the corners, at a roof flashing called Z-bar. Extremely often, Z-bar flashing is installed incorrectly, causing rain water to leak and permeate the wood or composite siding causing Dry Rot/Termite and attracting Termites.